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Nicole  &  Ruthie

What a dream this is to care for little pups in a way that we would be happy boarding our own. Attentive care in a fun, safe & comfortable environment! 

My (Nicole) passion for pet care began when I worked at a veterinary hospital for a few years in Tennessee. This gave me a great foundation for understanding what it takes to provide quality care, and sparked a dream of having my own dog boarding boutique

​Although I love all animals, small pups hold a special place in my heart! 

Oh, and please meet Oliver! He's the sweetest pup I've ever had the privilege of loving. Proof that great things can come from a box of puppies in the Walmart parking lot! :) 

International Boarding & Pet Services Association Member
Basic Canine Specialist Certification 2016
Certified Canine Provider 2016 (Advanced Canine Specialist Course)

Pet 1st Aid & CPR Certified  2016

Open Since 2016

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