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Nicole  &  Ruthie

What a dream this is to care for little pups in a way that we would be happy boarding our own. Attentive care in a fun, safe, and comfortable environment! 


My (Nicole) passion for pet care began when I worked at a veterinary hospital for a few years in Tennessee. This gave me a great foundation for understanding what it takes to provide quality care and sparked a dream of having my own dog boarding boutique. 


​Although I love all animals, small pups hold a special place in my heart! 


Oh, and please meet Oliver! He's the sweetest pup I've ever had the privilege of loving. Proof that great things can come from a box of puppies in the Walmart parking lot! :)


If you’re looking for a trustworthy, caring place to watch over your small dogs while you’re away, The Yuppie Pup LLC is the perfect place for your furry friends! With our pet boarding services at our doggie hotel in Wasilla, AK, we will ensure your dogs are happy and cared for. Contact us today to reserve your spot.

Open Since 2016

International Boarding & Pet Services Association Member

Pet 1st Aid & CPR Certified  2016

Basic Canine Specialist Certification 2016

Certified Canine Provider 2016 (Advanced Canine Specialist Course)

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