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Dog Boarding, Wasilla Alaska

Beautiful Phoebe

Our logo inspiration

"In Loving Memory"

Puppies are allowed 3 months & older with all required vaccines up-to-date. 

Family Boarding Rates

Individual Boarding Rates

4' x 6' Suite - $35 per night

$45 per night starting June 1st 2024 

$35 per/night for the 1st pup

$20 per/night for each additional pup

June 1st 2024 - Price Adjustment

$45 per night for the 1st pup

$25 per night for each additional pup (same suite) 

*Families must be able to share a suite and get along well.  Aggressive behavior between family members will be cause for separation into additional suites, and full rates will then apply.  

*Please ask about our long term stay discounts.

*We accept Cash & Credit (No Checks) 

Current Vaccinations Required


*If this is the first time your pup has had a Bordetella vaccine, it is recommended to be administered 10 days prior to your pup's stay.

Dogs that are unaltered may not be able to participate in group play. Dogs IN HEAT must stay home. 
Please bring your pup(s) in on a leash or in a carrier.  Safety first! 

What to Bring?

  • Dry/wet food for the length of the pup's stay plus one day  

    • It is ideal that your pup's diet remains the same while boarding. This will lessen the chance of a gastric upset.

    • It is wise to leave a bit more food than the stay requires in case your travel plans change and your pup(s) needs to stay with us for an extra day.

  • ​Comfort items like a favorite toy or blanket

    • We provide a raised bed and fluffy blanket, but you may want to bring something that smells like home, though not required.​

    • No oversized beds that cannot be put in the wash. Everything needs to be washable. :) 

    • We are not responsible for your items if they are damaged during your pup's stay. All items will be washed as needed.

  • ​Treats

    • Ideal treats are those that are easily digestible. We will not allow rawhide bones during your pup's stay due to the chance of an intestinal upset/blockage.  ​

  • ​Medications

    • Please bring medications in the original packaging. Also, be mindful of the duration of your pup's stay by adding a day's worth of medication to that just in case your travel plans change, and your pup(s) need to stay with us for an extra day.

    • Medication is given with peanut butter or hot dogs unless the owner otherwise specifies. 

    • We do not administer injectable medications.

​* Schedule remains the same for the pups on Sunday. However, our open time for check-in and check-out is only from 3 PM – 5 PM.

Check-in & Check-out Times

Monday – Saturday 8 AM – 11 AM & 2 PM – 5 PM

Sunday 3 PM – 5 PM

A Day in the Life of a Yuppie Pup!

7:00 AM

  • This is the first potty break of the day and a chance to get the wiggles out.

  • Breakfast is served!

8 AM – 11 AM (Open for Check-In & Check-Out)

  • Then group play begins with pups similar in play styles and sizes.

  • If your pup(s) do not enjoy group play, that is not a worry; we will provide ample outside and indoor play times, with plenty of cuddles!

11 AM – 2 PM (Closed)

  • Potty breaks and quiet time. It is ideal after a busy morning of activity that the pups get much-needed rest. This time is valuable to keep all pups feeling calm, secure, and happy. Soft classical music will play that is created specifically for the pups’ enjoyment.

2 PM – 5 PM (Open for Check-In & Check-Out)

  • Potty breaks and more group play.

  • 4:00 PM dinner is served!

  • Then cuddles and more playtime.

​5 PM – 6 PM (5 PM Closed)

  • This hour will give the pups a last ​chance potty break and exercise before winding down for the evening.


  • Potty break! It is important for little pups to have a chance to go potty before bed, as water is accessible at all times.

  • Evening snack time and cuddles provided!

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