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Dog Boarding, Wasilla AK

Open Office Hours
Monday – Saturday 8 AM – 11 AM
& 2 PM – 5 PM
Sunday 3 PM – 5 PM

Is your pup ready for a vacation too?  

With only 12 suites, all guests will experience personal attention!

About Us

The Yuppie Pup LLC offers luxury dog boarding to our furry friends in Wasilla, AK. We specialize in the care of small dogs 30 lbs and under and no taller than 18" at the withers (shoulders). We make some exceptions for pups that meet the height requirement but not the weight limit. If in doubt, please ask! Our pup suites are 4' x 6' with raised beds and comfy blankets.


We know your dogs are part of your family, so you want to ensure they are happy and well cared for. Your pet is in safe hands with us at our dog hotel. With fun play spaces and suites, your pup(s) will have a safe and enjoyable vacation. We’ll give your pup(s) personalized love and attention and treat them as if they were our own!


If you’re looking for reliable small dog boarding, The Yuppie Pup is the place to go! Contact us for more information about our dog boarding options. We also offer puppy boarding for pups three months and older.

"Our two Chihuahuas just spent ten nights at The Yuppie Pup.  They were so well cared for and the owners are extremely friendly and good with dogs.  Highly recommend this place for your little fur babies. Wonderful value.  Homey and safe."
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